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In Gulf

As you toddle like a buoy,
greedy girls scoop shells by the bucketful
and I lie on the sand, blending in.
The cicadas scream in the moss-dripping trees
as Winter clatters in her pool.
Tomorrow the black will ink everything out.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, you're doing some lovely work here! I notice from your bio to the side that you're unpublished, but I certainly hope you're sending some work out to magazines. I see much to appreciate here.

mbdc said...

Thanks so much, Kelly! I do plan on sending some out, but right now I'm simply trying to keep up with my writing and taking care of a two year old! I really should set aside time every week to send some out, however. Thank you for the encouragement!

Ami Mattison said...

Nice poem, Michelle! Love the ending! Thanks for sharing. I'm with Kelly. Start thinking about sending your poems out for publication. Good luck!

mbdc said...

Thank you, Ami, I really appreciate your kind words! I will definitely start researching the best places to send them out, ASAP! Thanks again!!

2KoP said...

My poetry experience is quite limited, but I love your imagery and how you play with words. said...

Your bio says, "unpublished" but, fortunately for us readers who think you're talented and compelling, that's not true. You are published and your voice is out there for all to hear. Keep it up.It's great.

mbdc said...

Thank you both so much, you have no idea what your kind words mean to me!

Threeleafshamrock said...

Love this. Taken me a while to actually access it from your FB page...but worth the hunt, nice one!

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