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The Letter

Her voice slid into my ear;
she wished that I would write her
to give her news from home.
I sat, armed with pad and pen.
The stark sheet glared,
a beacon waiting to be lit.

The events of the year bobbed through my head,
fat balloons with neat strings
waiting to be released.
Yet I, always brimming with words,
could not bear to set down
even the most insignificant happenings.

She had no right to them.
She should have been here,
writing to friends afar,
sending love from home.
She should not wander away
and then wonder what's become of me.

Folding the naked sheet,
I slid it into the envelope
and sent it first class to the new world.
A world without me.


2KoP said...

This poem struck me as I am counting the days to when my baby girl graduates from high school and the weeks until she leaves me to begin her own, brand new life away at college. I'm so thrilled for her, yet so sad for me. I hope I have the courage to write to her and not withhold simply because I'm sad that she is off without me.

I'm happy to have found you via SheWrites. I hope you can stop by Two Kinds of People sometime.

mbdc said...

Thank you, Susan! I'm sure you'll be able to write to her, just as I'm sure you're very proud of her. I'm happy that my son will not be heading anywhere for a long, long time! I can't imagine this house without him.

I'm happy to have found you as well! Thank you for stopping by, I really enjoy your blog!

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