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Casualties of War

This is one I wrote after reading this article:
Nun is charged after protest at nuclear missile silo
After being worked and reworked, it somehow became a haiku.

Casualties of War

Three anti-war nuns
of Dominican order
crept through the still night,

damaging fences
on government property
to deface missiles.

Their blood in bottles,
they scrawled scarlet crosses on
nuclear warheads,

the deployment tracks
indented with crucifix,
Now nukes will not move.

Protesting with prayer
when authorities arrived,
their rallying song

brought attention to
weapons of mass destruction
in our own backyard.

Bound with silver cuffs,
the apprehended sisters
labeled terrorists,

stripped of their habits,
forced to wear gaudy orange,

without rosaries,
a punishment in itself.
Did their God forsake?

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