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Do you like bad haiku? I do.

Amazed at the barrage of bad #haiku that runs rampant on twitter, my fellow Artwiculati @JonPowles, @SJHatzi, @Wifsie, and I decided to contribute. The following video of Silia and I reading our creations was created by @harrarp. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Was this posted on the Salon Artwois website? It should be. It's SO funny. Thank you for including my harakiri haiku!!
Loads of fun!
Maryse aka @Wifsie

mbdc said...

Yes, Maryse, it's there! Thank Silia, she did all the hard work! We had a lot of fun making this!

Paul said...

I was so glad to hear my favorite haiku, about the octopus! :)

mbdc said...

Ha, I had a feeling you'd enjoy that Paul! Sil did an AWESOME job reading it!

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