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If I held you here in the atrium
for twenty-thousand years
would you understand me,
word for soot-black word?

Sometimes, lying flat,
I rise out of my skin to float.
An apparition, I can see
my marrow is also yours.

If only lunacy were contagious,
you would see me
residing in your skin, your bones.

Instead, I hold you to me
and bury thoughts
between covers of leather-
shelves and shelves of ugly mirrors.


Khara House said...

This is beautiful! Have you been submitting poems anywhere? Because I think you could get this published.

Khara House said...

By the way, I link you and quote you on my blog! (If the quote isn't okay, let me know, and I'll remove it-- I quoted the first stanza of this poem) But hopefully it'll bring you some more viewers!

mbdc said...

Thanks, Khara! I haven't really submitted anything in quite a while, I know what a time drain it can be and since I have a two year old, I don't really have a ton of extra time! I don't mind at all that you quoted me, I'm extremely grateful! I'll have to go check it out! Thanks so much!

Paul said...

"If only lunacy were contagious". I love that thought.

mbdc said...

Haha, thanks Paul. Sometimes I think it really is!

Anonymous said...

I love the image of soot black words and leather binding. Great!

mbdc said...

Thanks so much Jason. I was just checking out your blog, such great stuff!

Cassiopeia Rises said...

This is a great beginning. Your poems are strong and full of wonderful images. Now you must join poetry sites and tackle some prompts. It will sharpen your skills.


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